Day 1 ~ Angel Morning Manifestation ~ Angel of Ecstasy

Welcome to Day 1 of our #KimberlyMarooney22DayAngelWorkerChallenge!

32-ecstasyAs I was waking up this morning, I was thinking ahead to what my day held. I needed to do some new technical stuff for the first time. Learning new technical programs isn’t always fun for me.

Is there something you need to do today that is challenging?

I’m an Angel Worker! I work with angels! Why not include them in everything? I drew the Angel of Ecstasy from Angel Love Cards to help us with our challenges today. The Angel of Ecstasy wants to help us transform what we could view as frustration into the ecstasy of discovery and learning! What a gift.

Join us for an Ecstatic meditation with the angels, calling ecstasy into everything you do today.

We start with our Guardian Angels and our Archangels with Raphael and Michael bringing the love, healing power and protection of ecstasy into our bodies and lives. The angels are eager to help you with your angel work today!

Watch here:


With love,






P.S. Join us tonight for Day 1 #EveningAngelEcstasy with the angel of Illumination!


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