22-Day Angel Worker Challenge

Kimberly's Trail MagicI’m an Angel Worker. Everything I do is inspired by angels. Either they ask me to do something, or I need it. And usually, it’s both!

On my hike, I was inspired to do a 22-Day Angel Worker Challenge with Morning Angel Manifestation and Evening Angel Ecstasy each day!

Each morning, we’ll meditate together to focus in on what we need to manifest for the day, then we’ll do it! The angels we need will guide us through the day.

Each evening, we’ll come back together to meditate with the angels who will guide our peaceful sleep in angel ecstasy.

I highly recommend going in order each day. Don’t jump ahead, or binge watch. Use the meditations for rapid spiritual movement, healing, manifestation, everything you need each day. Expand your Angel Work each day!

Click here to see how excited I was when I received the invitation from the angels:

With love,




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