Your Soul Star ~ message from Archangel Gabriel

Kimberly Marooney with Petra Nicoll - fullI had a fabulous conversation with Petra Nicoll on her Revealing Conversations show on BlogTalkRadio. As an Angel Worker, the angels provide messages, guidance, and resources I need to take my next steps. All I have to do is remember to ask!

The following message from Archangel Gabriel was the basis for our conversation.



Message from Archangel Gabriel:

We are here.
The Heavenly Host celebrates this great moment of awakening as you discover more of the truth of your Being.
There are millions of angels in embodiment at this time to turn the tide toward the great Awakening for this Golden Age.

Your Soul Star is the key to your Angel Light Body.
This of it as the lock in the doorway or Gateway.
Your Soul Star is the closest access point to the higher realms of Being and your Angel Light Body.
It shines etherically in your aura, just a few feet above your head.
As you awaken, it appears as a tiny point of light twinkling, beaconing above your head.

At the divine moment of Activation, your Guardian Angel calls Archangel Gabriel and the ascension begins.
Ascension takes place in many small steps or experiences over time.
In this first initiation, the Soul Star is Activated.
That means it becomes accessible to you.
It is as if you can see the lock in the door – so what is the key?


As your heart chakra expands and the love that you carry becomes a visceral force in your heart and life, you gain the inner strength necessary for the next escalation of Light.
The Soul Star expands to reveal the lock – the Love in your heart becomes the key that opens the gateway or doorway to your Soul Body.
You are granted access to the higher realms of existence outside the confines of time and space.
You may travel in your soul body to the past and future, to heal and gain wisdom and insight as you make life choices.
The soul realm is your first experience – your first remembrance of a realm where there is only love.
There is no fear or pain, no anger or betrayal, no longing or need here.
The soul is the treasure vault of all goodness and supply.
Everything needed is here – available – waiting for you to access and retrieve for use in material life.
This is only the start!

As rich and abundant as it is, the soul is a mere taste of the infinite bounty of Spirit that awaits you.
Imagine it as an introduction or training ground.
There is so much more!
The soul is temporary.
To human experience, the soul exists for all of material creation!
Millions of years!
And that is temporary from the eternal perspective.

Can you feel this truth with your inner knowing?
Do you find yourself questioning and curious?
Ask for and receive what you need now!

With love,




P.S. Click here to listen to this fabulous Revealing Conversation between Kimberly and Petra!


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