Angel Workers, You are the Power and Presence of God ~ message from Archangel Gabriel


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Petra Nicoll invited me to be her guest on Revealing Conversations on BlogTalkRadio. Don’t you love being an Angel Worker! When I asked the angels what they wanted us to talk about, Your Soul Star was the response.

The amazing message that follows was the basis for this conversation.

Message from Archangel Gabriel:

We are here.
We are guiding you.
Lord Gabriel is with you NOW, awakening Your Soul Calling and Life Purpose.
Gabriel Activates Your Soul Star, containing all the wisdom and resources you need for your Mission to succeed.
Receive the resources and wisdom now.
We open your crown chakra to allow them to flow down from the heavens into your physical world.

As the wisdom and resources enter your nervous system and brain, your cellular structure – your DNA – is altered.
Your Body is your living Altar – your temple – your expression of devotion, love and service in this world.

Trust as this transfiguration takes place within the cells of your body.

Ask for what you need and want.
Ask to now that everything you need, the wisdom and resources for your Soul Calling are here for you now.
Search for the place within that lives in this truth.
That knows it!

Know that you are The Presence and Power of God acting int this world.
You are the hands and heart of God healing and loving the people.
You are the voice of God bringing messages of truth and inspiration from the heavens.
You are the eyes of God seeing Love in everyone.
You are authorized – you are empowered to manifest your Soul Calling NOW!
The wait is over.
The sun is dawning on creation.
The sun is the Divine Light of Source.
The Divine Light shines brightly upon you, illuminating your true BEing.
Awakening the rapture of Divine Love in the cells of your body.
Filling the vessel of your body with energy, ideas, visions, courage to take the leap of faith so you can follow the clear guidance you receive.

The universe is conspiring to support you with everything needed, when it is needed.
Watch for synergistic meetings, resources and miracles.
Everything is important, no matter how small it seems.
Every thought, feeling, situation, and person in your life is delivering the next clue or sign or step on your path of manifesting your Soul Calling.
Your mission.

Say YES!
You are an Angel.
you are a blessed and powerful Seraphim!
The mountains quake when you call forth your Divinity.
Why wait?
Do it now!
We are with you ushering in the Golden Age of your life!
It’s now.
Come Home to love, support, joy, delight, empowerment, and co-creation.
The gateway is open.
Your initiation is complete.
Step through.
We are here for you!

With love,



P.S. The Soul Star Activation was the topic of a fabulous interview I had with Petra Nicoll on Revealing Conversations on BlogTalkRadio. Click here to listen!


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