Reaction ~ PROACTION


It just happened to me again. I experience this same thing many times over during the day as I work and tend to the business of life. I’m an Angel Worker! I can change this!

Here is the Reaction

  • I need something that I can’t immediately remember or find.
  • A wave of energy floods my body that feels like an upward explosion.
  • My thought it is, “Why can’t I remember this? I’m losing my memory to age!”
  • In reaction, I interpret the feeling experience as frustration and agitation.
  • I feel rigid.
  • I feel a wave of panic as I frantically search for the missing paper or information.

At some point, sanity returns and I say, “Wait a minute! What just happened? I’m an Angel Worker!” Then I can choose a new reaction.

Sound familiar?

I go through this maybe a dozen times a day.

It just happened again so I stopped everything to write about the experience. Writing, identifying, naming, witnessing help us to validate the experience, and then to choose a new PROACTIVE response that is empowering rather than debilitating.

Naming the Pattern

Let’s explore what really happened.

  • I needed something.
  • The energy I needed was instantly provided by Spirit, my Soul and angels, my Master Self, the Divine, what ever name we want to give it.
  • My old programming was triggered by the influx of energy into my nervous system, pushing the play button on the emotional response of fear and lack.
  • Mind added the program, “I never have what I need! Something is wrong with me!”
  • Mind, emotions and body collaborate with an instant disaster response.

This is simply an old program!

Become Proactive

As we become aware of how we are captured by habitual behaviors, we can choose to be proactive. We can reframe or respond to the same pattern of events in new ways.

Here’s my current favorite:

  • I need something.
  • As an Angel Worker, the energy I need is instantly provided.
  • With a grateful heart, I recognize the influx of energy providing everything needed.
  • I take a moment to receive the influx of energy in a peaceful, joyful state of receptivity.
  • I take action with deep gratitude on the wisdom, resources, EVERYTHING NEEDED that was just provided to me from the all-sufficiency and lavish abundance of Divine Substance.
  • I recognize that I always have everything I need and Take Action!

I like that much better!

How about you?

With love,


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