Change the World! Become the Angel Worker you ARE!



Angel Worker, You are needed! NOW!

You have ability to Change the World!

06-respectWhy would you want to sit back, wait and watch, feeling victimized by world events when you can claim your authority to co-create?

How can you change the world?

When I say that, do you feel hopeless, helpless, powerless to do anything? That is a false belief.

You have the power to move mountains! You have the power to change the world one interaction at a time. How?

With Respect plus a Secret Weapon – Kindness!

It is a weapon because you use it when you experience the Battle Cry. The battle cry is disagreement, clash of beliefs, and differing opinions or perspectives than those around you.

Your blood boils listening to them! 

We angel workers are super sensitive spiritual beings who feel everything.

We are empathic so no only do we feel our own emotions, we feel everyone else’s as if they are our own. When the person you are talking to is angry, you feel angry as if it were your own. Standing in line at the grocery store, a feeling of despair drifting over you is likely belonging to the person in line next to you, not you!

Respecting your Self means that you take a moment to explore. You name the feeling and question, “where is it coming from? Is it mine?”

If it’s yours, be grateful that the feeling has revealed itself for release and healing. If it’s not yours, repel intruders! Push the energy out of your energy bodies with self Love. Fill the place it occupied with self Appreciation. You are an amazing being of Light. That is the Truth!

When you hear the battle cry of conflicting energy:

  • Respond with Kindness, first to your Self. Stop the roller coaster of adrenalin by breathing, relaxing, calming.
  • Feel! But don’t buy into it!
  • Be gentle and kind with your Self first

This kind of self inquiry can happen in the space of a breathe or two. Then respond to the other person with Kindness. With Respect. You don’t need to correct them, or educate them with your perspective.

16-guardian-medBe curious and ask why they believe that? Why do they feel that way?

And sometimes, the greatest kindness is to leave. Walk away.

Kindness is a powerful secret weapon. We can change the world with kindness one interaction at a time. The whole world is raw, overly reactive and afraid.

How could your life be better if you treated everyone with respect and kindness? I meet the nicest people everywhere I go because I am nice. I look into the eyes of the grocery store clerk and the bank teller. I acknowledge they exist and thank them for doing a great job. When I meet strangers, I am kind. I talk to everyone. I ask questions to learn about them. I listen. They open their hearts to me because I am kind.

Sometimes, I’m the one feeling defensive and angry. So I breathe, relax, feel, and trust. I invite angels and spirit to be my guiding light. It always comes back to Love. Love Source – Connect with Source first. Love myself as Source loves me, then love others as I love myself.

Love is the most powerful force in all of creation. Love is more powerful than fear or hatred. We can change the world with Love. Angel Workers are earth angels carrying the power of love.

With much love and blessings,



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