3 Ways Archangel Gabriel Calls You to Shine Brightly

Archangel Gabriel said,

There are 3 ways to Shine Brightly


Angel of Respect from Angel Love Cards by Kimberly Marooney

1. RESPECT one another

Respect our differences. How can we do that when a family member believes the polar opposite? Why do you care? Do you feel a sense of responsibility for the other person? Do you want them to be the same as you to bolster your position? To validate your beliefs? To validate your existence?

A part of claiming sovereignty is to detach from what you think about others, and what you think they think about you. Notice how that is all mental?

Truth won’t come from your feelings or ego, either.

Take your focus off them and turn within to the Divine.

Elevate your consciousness to the level of soul and the angels to experience the Love that truly matters.
Rather than desperately trying to feel validated by sharing the same beliefs, go for a deeper experience within yourself. Validate your Self through experiences of Divine Love.

Activate Your Divinity

From the perspective of unconditional love, what your family or friends believe is irrelevant. It has no bearing on your relationship. You are no more responsible for their beliefs and feeling than they are for you.

You are Liberated!

From this place, you have the Freedom to respect your differences. You have the ability to simply Love One Another.

Each time you feel attacked or triggered by differing beliefs, Relax. Breathe. Trust that a greater opportunity is revealing its self so you can experience true Liberation from old ways of thinking that cause suffering.


Liberation from Angel Love Cards by Kimberly Marooney

Feel it.
Recognize it.
Don’t run away or try to escape.
Trust and Let go.

2. Gratitude

Seek an experience of appreciation or gratitude within your heart that you are being Liberated. One breathe, one thought, one experience after the next in life, you are being liberated. You don’t have to pretend everything is okay because at a certain level, it isn’t. You have feelings!

Rather than lash out at “them,” breathe, relax, trust, feel and let God take over. Find common ground. Quietly, in the privacy of your own heart, be thankful that you are being liberated. You are finding unconditional love, no matter how it may feel.

You are awakening.

3. Shine

What does it mean to shine? It means that you reveal the Love in your heart. You reveal the Wisdom and Gifts of your Soul in kindness. Without judgment. When you feel judgmental, think of it as your ego sending up a distress flair screaming, “Hey! I’m here! Rescue me NOW!”

We can’t solve problems or find solutions at the level they were created. Solutions are always found at higher levels of consciousness.

29 Awakening

Remliel, angel of Awakening from Angel Blessings Cards by Kimberly Marooney




Invite the angels and your soul to lift you up onto the high road of connection with the Divine.

Activate your Divinity!

How can you know you are in a higher state of consciousness and no more ego?

  • You feel compassion and love
  • There is no judgment, no “oh poor them, they are so misled,” or “I’m so much better because I’m spiritual and I have greater awareness” or “Are they crazy? Can’t they see the truth as I see it?”
  • You feel the pain, fear, and anger of your loved ones. You know we are all intimated connected. We are WE. One in consciousness, regardless of the beliefs we are acting out.

Shine the light of unconditional Love from Source. Source sees and loves us all equally, no matter what we believe or how much spiritual work we have done.

At the same time, we are a different levels of evolution and consciousness. We can use our awareness with discernment. We can invite awareness to guide us in interactions so that we can deeply connect in the Oneness of Love rather than stand off in judgment and isolation.

We are truly one, no matter how it may look. We are one at the highest level of consciousness.

“When they go love, we go high” by:

  1. Respecting our differences
  2. Feeling Grateful that we are awakening and becoming empowered
  3. Daring to Shine the light of Love in the world in our own unique ways


I would love to hear how you benefited from this message. Email your experience to me!

With love,





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