12 Days of Spirit

“Grace is the embrace of Divine Love.
You are in a state of Grace when you experience
the Presence of Love, of Truth, of God.
Our gift of Grace today is a deep connection.”

I felt a blazing inspiration to offer a series of 12 messages. One every day. On video!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting daily messages leading up to Christmas. These are such juicy topics that I’m jumping around in my seat to dive in.

Here’s a taste:

Day 1 ~ Be Present: Your Presence IS the present

Day 2 ~Be a Peace: There is Time to do the Needful

Day 3 ~ Remembrance of Love for the People we Miss

Day 4 ~ The Holy Comforter in time of Loneliness

Day 5 ~ Be in Gratitude: Infinite Worth

Day 6 ~ Doorways to Truth during intense emotional reactions

Day 7 ~ A return to Oneness from internal conflict

Day 8 ~ Be in Trust during this time of great possibility!

Day 9 ~ True Gifting not obligation

Day 10 ~ Reverence: Honoring God in ourselves, everyone and everything

Day 11 ~ Be in Forgiveness with Resolution Rituals

Day 12 ~ Be in Service of Your Destiny: How can you access and share the nectar of your Soul?

Watch for the daily videos!

And tell your friends. They will want in on this series of Love.

You inspire me. Your emails, your calls to my interviews, your gentle and quiet presence inspires me. So I’m opening my treasure vault to pull out some really powerful spiritual wisdom for you. More on that, soon!

Thank you for your loving support.

With much love,









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