A Great Awakening is Flourishing!











The angels say:

WE are calling you forth to fulfill your Blueprint.
Regardless of how the world may look, despite how you may perceive the changes that are happening in America and around the world, a great AWAKENING is flourishing.
You are an important part of this awakening.
So – what is Your Destiny with Angels?
While this might seem like a lofty, far off concept, it is very real and very close to home.
You are an Earth Angel.
You are an Angel Worker.
Your true Self is an Angelic Being of great Light – a Shining One.
You true Essence is a glorious and magnificent Being of infinite power and radiance!
Can you feel it now?
Allow this gentle, loving Presence to enmantle you.
Imagine a beautiful light, like a ray of sunlight, shining down from the heavens on you.
Feel the warmth of this light on your face.
Notice a tender sensation of love filling your heart.
Can you feel your heart opening in joy?
Invite the love and joy in your heart to expand outward through your body……..
with love and blessings,
P.S.   Do you want to receive the full Transmission of Energy and Activation?
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