Working with Angels #8 Depth


Going Deep inside rather than outside of yourself to connect with the Angels and Spirit is key to working with Angels and discovering who you truly are.

Dropping down, deep inside yourself isn’t hard, once you know how.

It’s important to learn how so you can go past your ego and enter the temple of your Soul. Each time you consciously give yourself space to connect with your deepest Self, your Soul, you heal and awaken. Partnering with The Angel of Depth helps you to do just that.08-depth

The Angel Depth wants to take you deep into your soul. This is the most authentic part of your self.

In this depth, you connect with the source of your being where the purpose for your life is passionately revealed. Divine intelligence can be accessed to receive important information & guide you. In the depth of soul, unconditional love flows through your heart bringing healing & fulfillment. Intimate connections with others are possible because your heart & soul are open in love.

Overwhelm & confusion prevents depth & the connection to the source. When you find yourself spinning in overwhelm or confusion, you are captured in a shallow state of mind.

To go deeper within, stop. What is most important? Refocus & adjust your thinking, feelings & actions to move in the direction you choose.

As an example, you may have a long list of things that need your attention. Each thing feels urgent.

  • Do you feel scattered & flit from one task to the next, never seeming to make progress?
  • Does thinking about the tasks make it seem as if you are working on them, but your thoughts repeat something you already know with a negative influence and don’t result in solutions?

When you realize that your mind is spinning in overwhelm or confusion, stop it!

Don’t listen.

Take a breath.

What is the deeper truth?

Focus on the most urgent task & find some actions to take that will move you in the direction you want to go. Pause, refocus & adjust.

Pausing takes you out of your mind & refocusing takes you deeper within where you can see how you need to adjust.

Actions to attract the angel Depth:

Pause, refocus & adjust when you find yourself spinning in confusion or overwhelm. Ask the angel Depth to help you find calm as you refocus.

Contemplate questions leads to greater self-awareness & a depth where you can connect with your soul. The soul is the connecting link to divine intelligence & answers you need. Contemplate the following questions that apply to your situation. Write your thoughts, feelings & realizations in a journal. From the insights received, find actions you can take to change.

Are you confused about something?
– What are you confused about?
– How do you perpetuate the state of confusion?
– Do states of confusion or overwhelm help you avoid facing something?

Do you feel safe from change when you don’t know what to do?

– Meditate. The greatest gift to be found in the depth of your soul is a personal experience of unconditional love. Sit in quiet meditation, dropping into your soul. Listen to music that will transport you deeper like “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber and Out of the Depths by Terry Oldfield.

Give your self the gift of a weekend retreat to journey deep into the temple of the soul.

Ask the angel Depth to guide you in preparing the area where you will meditate. Set up an altar with pictures, objects or statues to help you feel your soul like the Depth card. Flowers, candles & incense may help to create a sacred feeling. Create a comfortable nest where you can sit for extended periods of time.

~Excerpt from The Angel Of Love Cards of Sacred Guidance, Love, Devotion and Faith


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