Find the Angel Worker within You: Play Dress Up!




It’s Halloween. What better costume could you have than your earth angel true Self?

Earth Angel Kimberly

Earth Angel Kimberly

Beyond a white dress and wings, what does that really mean? Who is your earth angel true Self?

  • What divine qualities do you do you express in life?
  • What and who do you love?
  • What matters most to you?
  • What are your gifts?
  • How do you share your gifts and love in the world?

As an Angel Worker, your gifts and love ARE your costume. How do you play dress up for that?

Dressing up as your True Self, and the Angel Worker within You, takes you on a delightful journey into the part of yourself that is begging to be claimed and brought forward.

What part of your Self have you been hiding? What aspects of your Self are you afraid to reveal?

  • The Leader?
  • The Teacher?
  • The Entrepreneur?
  • The Speaker?
  • The Writer?
  • The Planetary Master?

    Marlin Brando from SuperMan

    Marlin Brando from SuperMan

  • The Enlightened One?
  • The Philanthropist?
  • The Lover?
  • The Artist?
  • The Creator?
  • The Inventor?
  • The Preacher?
  • The Luminary?
  • Your Super Powers?

Your true Self is a powerful being of Light who is all things, in all ways. Omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Glorious, magnificent, and radiant. Wise, loving, and compassionate.

How do you put that into a costume?

Life is a reflection of the misconceptions our true Self is guiding us to face, next to the truth that we have realized. A belief that is out of alignment with truth presents itself as a challenge or issue in life.

There is your clue to claiming the part of your Earth Angel Worker Self that is saying, “me! Me! ME!” And there is your costume! Focus on the brilliant, magnificent, empowered part of yourself that you may have had difficulty owning.gabrielangel

As an example, if your challenge is abundance, how would you deck yourself out as an infinitely wealthy being?

If you are fearful, what brave superhero would you be? What are your super powers? What would your superhero costume look like?

And if you are stuck, how could you become the powerful change-maker in motion, creating the massive visions that want to manifest through you? What would that powerhouse look like and wear? Go all out! Be outrageous.

Which angel do you feel most connected with? Become that angel!

Own it! Become it! Why not?

What if claiming your super powers and gifts could become fun and easy? Could you do it then?

Here’s your opportunity. Just Do It!


With love and blessings,


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