Are you a Seraphim Angel?


Angel of Gifts from Angel Love CardsThe angels have trained me to be a “go to player” when they want to co-create something. They get my attention. I listen and we are off and running in the co-creative process. It is a joy and a privilege to be in that flow of loving energy and inspiration.

Sometimes the angels call me to action, and other times, I have questions for them. I am always astonished at what I receive when I ask the angels questions.

It was through this co-creative interaction that I was informed that it was Seraphim angels guiding me, and I am Seraphim! That was a pretty jaw dropping revelation. The Seraphim are the angels closest to the All Mighty Throne. It turns out that the Seraphim have been the guiding force behind everything in my life.

I don’t remember what the question was, but this answer knocked my socks off!

The Seraphim gave me the TEN Actions of the Seraphim Angels.

As Featured On EzineArticles
Click here to read it. I published these important actions on eZineArticles so many people can find and enjoy them.

Read the article to find out if you are Seraphim. Then you’ll know to follow the TEN Actions each day to have an empowered, fulfilling and joyous life.

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