You are the Angel You’ve Been Waiting For!


Did you know that you are an angel?angel-order-ladder

Not everyone is an angel. We humans have come from many vastly different origins. Right now, there are millions of us who have come through the angel lineage to help humanity make the shift into higher consciousness. That’s you!

The Angel Lineage


Let’s go back to that Angel Lineage thing. Did your heart jump at those words? Did you wonder, “What does that mean?”

Angels have been present with us always. Angels have been a part of human life from the beginning of recorded history. Winged creatures were carved into ancient caves in many places around the world. Part animal, part human, part mystery, these ancient representations of beings exude the essence of angels. Every culture, tradition and religion includes some form of angels who act as intermediaries or messengers between what we consider to be The Divine and humans.

This presence of angels since the dawn of recorded history points us to a hidden truth. Many humans have angelic origins. We are truly Earth Angels. Our souls are fragments of angels.

You are an Earth Angel!

You are an earth angel and your true BEing is an angel. Your angelic counterpart or true BEing is present with you always. That is why you love angels and are attracted to everything angel. The angels are standing by, waiting to assist us with everything imaginable. Call upon them often to receive their Divine Direction and loving embrace.

Huh, did I just say call on them often?

That is the very heart of our misconception that angels are someone other than us, out there. We have to get their attention, or merit a response, or prove worthy, or something mysterious that we can never seem to figure out.

Your Light Body Anatomy

Let’s begin to think of angels in a new way by focusing in on the part of you that is angelic. As humans, there are many parts to our whole being:

  1. Body – our physical body is our dwelling in this world. It houses all of us! It feels, moves, delights, and serves the collective of who we are.
  2. Emotions – our feeling body of emotions is a very important feedback and energizing system. When something feels good, inspires and motivates us, our energy lifts and multiplies. When something feels bad, we experience tiredness, fear, intimidation, and shut down. Here’s where it starts to get interesting. Sometimes, when something feels bad, it’s really good and the other way around. As we awaken spiritually, we are invited to explore how we interpret our reactions to sensations as we discover deeper truth. That’s a great topic for another time.
  3. Thoughts – our thoughts combined with our emotions are the self-generating loop that attract our life experience. As merkabaha simple example, if your thought when you receive money is, “This isn’t enough. It’s never enough.” That will be your life story. Change your thoughts to gratitude for everything, seeing it as a precious gift with more than enough to give and to share, then life fulfills that belief.

So far, our body, emotions and thoughts are our vehicle in time space here on earth. We are limited to the location of our body in time right now. We are trained to believe that the personality and body we live in is it. Not true.

  1. Psychic body is next. This is the first level of awareness outside of time and space. Here we have access to past, future, and other possibilities of existence.
  2. Soul – this is where it gets really interesting. Remember I mentioned that our souls are fragments of angels? The soul holds the memory of all we have ever been and all we will ever be. The soul holds our blueprint for our Soul Calling and Life Purpose. The soul is the link to our Eternal BEing through that fragment. In this way, our Eternal BEing can experience many possibilities at once. You and your soul are one of those possibilities.
  3. Your Eternal BEing and the personal God. Your Self is a powerful, brilliant being of great light. It has never left the side of God or The Divine.
  4. The Infinite All-That-Is, formless, vast, the Source of all Creation.

As we awaken, we learn how to come into alignment with our whole BEing. All of us, present in our body, walking this earth in love, compassionate care for others, and really exciting co-creativity.

How do you connect with Your Angel Self?

By shifting thoughts from connecting to some being out there, to aligning with your own inner truth!

By expressing love, care, compassion, creativity, vision, inspiration, joy, enthusiasm, delight and also through determination, courage, action, fortitude, humility, discernment and trust in life, you are aligning with your angelic self. Feeling your heart is the best place to start.

Find little ways to connect with others through loving care. Take a moment here and there throughout your day to pause, close your eyes and breathe into your heart. Feel loved, feel loving, then look at your life through eyes of love.


Angel of Appreciation from Angel Love Cards

Through Eyes of Love

You are the blessing.

You are the gift.

Through your hands flows the healing touch of love.

Through your voice flow the words of creation.

Through your action flows the future for humanity.

What will you create? You have the choice to create a future of loving kindness and abundance.

As an earth angel, you are a part of a family of millions who support and love you. We are your family! Why not explore with curiosity who you truly are?

You are brilliant, radiant, beautiful, wise, loving, and generous. You are powerful, sweet, and joyous. It’s time to come home to the support, abundance, health, joy, vitality, and peace that is always YOU.

You have never been any less than Magnificent.

You are an Earth Angel.








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