4 Angels who Guide Your Mission


Are you feeling a yearning in your heart for a deeper connection with your Self, with God, angels and other people?08-depth

Are you feeling Called to a Destiny, but can’t get clear guidance for your next steps?

Do you feel like you have been trying to answer your Soul Calling for years and feel stuck in some kind of holding pattern? Have you been trying everything you know and are still “WAITING” for God-knows what?

God knows!

God knows NOW!

The wait is over! Your angel family is calling you Home to receive the support, resources, encouragement, and everything needed to step into your Earth Angel Worker knowing and Angel Mission so you can play your part in the most amazing transformation in human evolution, EVER!

BREAKING NEWS! You are an Earth Angel with a Mission! An Angel Worker!

You have a team of angels guiding you. They are with you always providing love, nourishment, support and encouragement.


Here are the Four Angels who provide the Guidance you Need about your Mission.

Archangel Gabriel reveals your Mission when you are ready. You know you are ready because you are curious. You know you have a mission and are actively searching for what it is. Or you already know your Mission and Gabriel continues to guide you ever deeper and you expand and grow into it. Your Mission may be revealed through messages or visions. It might come as an inner knowing. Life reveals our Mission through challenges that we grow into and become an expert at solving. Eventually, we feel compelled to help others with similar challenges.

To connect with Gabriel, recite:

  • I know why I am here!
  • I am living my Soul’s purpose.
  • I am a beacon of Shining Light.
  • I AM open to receive the bounty needed to fulfill my Soul Calling.

Powerful statements like these let Gabriel know you are ready!27-divine-plan-med

Micah and Angel of Divine Plan guides you step-by-step as your mission is revealed. Micah holds the blue print for your existence. All of it! This lifetime is only a small part of your Divine Plan. Seeing your life from a much larger perspective is enlightening!

To connect with Micah, recite:

  • I am filled with joy and gratitude as I learn from my experiences.
  • I have the passion to go after my dreams.
  • I attract only what is beneficial to me and the universe.
  • I am consciously living my divine purpose.
  • I am one with all Creation!

Your Guardian Angel focuses on the aspect of your Divine Plan that applies to this life. Your Guardian introduces the influences, resources, synergy and magic you need! Attending to daily life, your Guardian holds your 16-guardian-medhand like the closest friend you could possibly imagine, then closer. Your Guardian’s greatest contribution to life is teaching you to stay in your heart. That’s where the Magic happens!

To connect with your Guardian Angel, repeat:

  • I am content and blessed and have confidence in all I do.
  • I have faith in the future.
  • I trust God/Divine.
  • I wisely discern to make choices for the highest good of all.
  • Everything needed is being given NOW!
  • I open myself up to beauty, joy and harmony.

Archangel Metatron brings you into alignment with your full BE-ing so you can feel and know who you truly are. Metatron calls you out of hiding when you are ready for leadership. Metatron encourages you and provides opportunities for you to spread your wings and fly high!

To expand into Metatron, repeat:

  • I am in alignment with Divine Will.
  • I feel loved, appreciated, and connected.
  • I take the time to listen to the Higher Voice within.
  • I am the Blessing.
  • I stand tall and strong in Truth!
  • It’s time to Show Off the best in me!
  • It’s time for me to bring out my best for the world to witness!

Now that we know some of Angels who are here to guide us, how do we access that guidance?

I use a variety of spiritual tools to quickly open and prepare to connect with the angels. A few of my favorites are Angel Blessings Cards and Angel Love Cards, and the Archangel Blessings Mists. It blows me away every time how fast and deep I connect through them!

Oh, of course music! The right music helps to set the tone or mood and open my heart and quiet my mind. A few of my favorites are Robert Haig Coxon’s Crystal New Age: Nature’s Rebirth, Barry Goldstein’s The Heart Codes, the new age duo 2002 and The Sacred Well – The Best of 2002, Deuter’s Mystic Voyage, Liquid Mind VI: Spirit, and my all time favorite – Aeoliah’s Angel Love

Once I’ve made the connection, I Ask, then Listen!

Think of prayer as the asking, and meditation as the listening.

My prayer is often simple, asking for what I need in the moment. To listen, I have a journal, pen and the Angel Love Cards in front of me. Often an influx of energy and love is the first contact. That is followed by a message. The message flows through my consciousness in words, down my arm, through the pen and onto the paper carrying with it the full force and transformational power of the essence of the angel providing the message.

Each message changes me in brilliant ways. The more I am open to receive, the more flows through!

As an Angel Worker, your relationship with your angels is the greatest benediction of life. No matter where you are in establishing that relationship from the beginning to a seasoned expert, there is always more, deeper, truer. Keep going!

With love,



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