Working with Angels #6 ~ Feeling Anxious



Feeling agitated or anxious, or having panic attacks can be a symptom that your prayers are being answered.

As more energy flows into your nervous system than it is used to, it reacts as if it is being attacked. The nervous system is being overwhelmed by stimulus that is doesn’t know how to interpret. The first defense when we are in unknown territory is anxiety and fear. The fight or flight response.

Our mind jumps in with interpretations like, “something is wrong,” and decides that this feeling is bad. We don’t like it.

After stewing for an hour or two, it might occur to me to get up and stomp around. I’ll put on some heavy metal music and stomp around in agitation and anger, not liking this feeling.

As I move through the agitation in this way, awareness starts to dawn on me. “Oh – this is the answer to my prayers! This is manna from heaven! This energy contains the resources I need for my next step!”

Gratitude washes through me. My perception changes. The energy shifts from being unwanted and unpleasant to joyful and ecstatic. Once I start to co-operate with the influx of energy, the guidance I need flows in. I get the directions for my next steps.

What if you could change your perception? The agitation can turn into champagne bubbles and effervescence flowing through you with great pleasure! You may feel like a joy fountain, leaping and splashing all over everyone.

Try these tips for transforming agitation, anxiety, worry and panic:29 Awakening

1. Move! Put on heavy metal music, drumming, a march, or anything powerful then stomp around the room. Emote! Let your feelings come out first. Say words out loud. Jump up and down, scream into a pillow or towel. Move the energy. Don’t try to manage or understand.

2. Pray! As you move, turn what ever you are experiencing into a prayer. “God I hate this feeling! I hate it because I don’t understand it. Are you trying to tell me something? Could this energy be a gift? Please help me to change my perception so I can receive the gift you are trying to give me!”

3. Ask for clarity. As you pray, ask for clarity. Ask questions about what you need. Then be open to receive answers.

4. Explore! Be like an adventurer, and explore this new territory with curiosity and wonder. What could be here? Be open to the experience shifting and changing. To get myself started, I imagine I’m looking in corners and under stones.

5. Fine tune your radio reception. Imagine you are a radio receiving signals. The agitation is like loud static. If you adjust the tuning knob, you can find enthusiasm, joy, love, truth, peace, determination, fortitude, encouragement, companionship, everything you need! Try it out!

6. Try a new door. Another way is to imagine you are in a hall. It’s dark in the hall and you don’t like it. If you explore a bit, you notice there are many doors in this hall. Open a door and see what is there. If you don’t like it, try another door. Actually walk through the door and into the new space before you decide. Explore it with curiosity and wonder. See what is there with an open mind and heart.

Try these tips and let me know what you experience!


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