Working with Angels #5 ~ Signs and Symbols

Work with Angels #5


Recognizing your angels and how they guide you is one of the greatest blessings you can have in life. The angels have a treasure trove of love, healing, guidance and resources they want to pour into your heart.

As we become conscious of their presence, amazing things begin to happen.

We heal, open, shine, love, and rejoice.

That is a blessing. A blessing is an “infusion of holiness.” When we are touched by love, or peace, or joy, we have been blessed or infused with holiness.

There are so many ways we can be blessed. Our angels communicate with us through signs and symbols. Did you know that’s an angel blessing?

Many people tell me that they pray and talk to their angels, but they don’t receive a response. Angels are responding to you all the time. Are you ready to learn the secret code so you can easily recognize their blessing?


Seeing a feather is a sign that your angel is by your side. Feathers on the ground, in the clouds, on stationary, on fabric and in jewelry are calling your attention to the presence of angels. Acknowledging that presence allows you to connect energetically. When you become conscious of the experience, “Oh My God! My Angel is here!” That’s an infusion of joy! That’s an angel blessing.

Feathers are a sign of grace and love as the angels connect with you in blessing.

You can be a blessing to others by sharing the holiness that has infused you. Be your angels’ helper and pass the blessing of the feather along to someone else.

Do you see feathers everywhere? Share your feather story with me below or post a feather that’s been left for you on the page (not in the comments). I’ll create a photo album here on Facebook where we can all upload and share Angel Feather Stories.


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