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CONNECTION. Feeling connected to your feelings and giving them your attention is another way Angels work with us. Become aware of your feelings.

Become aware of your true feelings and desires so you can choose what you are broadcasting. By focusing your attention on your feelings—feelings of longing, desire, connection, inspiration are all the desires of your soul, you can draw upon the angles to guide you in establishing a more profound connection with the eternal part of yourself that attracts angels, angel experiences, and more importantly the experience of eternal love and fulfillment.

What are your feelings communicating to you?  

Angel Connection

Angel Connection from Angel Love Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration

How are the Angels talking to you?
What hints do they keep on giving you through your feelings?

Take inventory of how you feel. It will provide you insight into how the Angels are working with you.

If you’re inspired, share with me what you’re feeling today by saying hello below. I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to Many Angel Blessings,

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