Angel Message to Trust! Just do IT!

Trust. Just do IT!

The angels are guiding us to action with these simple instructions. 29 Awakening

You are getting glimpses of how to trust.
These glimpses come as awareness that you are not trusting.
Wondering “What if?”
That is the light of awareness shining in.
“What could life be like IF I wasn’t judging?”
“What if I could use discernment for protection instead of criticism?”
That is higher consciousness cracking the shell of illusion.
“How can I do that? How can I make that happen? I don’t know how!”
That is the personality suffering in separation.
Trust is the key to both. 
Trusting opens the doors of wisdom and knowledge.
Trusting allows us to “Do IT.”
You do your part and we will do the rest. 
I can’t tell you how many times the angels have asked me to do something and I’ve been stuck in “I don’t know how” for way too long.
Eventually, I surrender and trust. Then the miracles happen. I receive the next steps, synergy takes over, magic happens! Every time.
Trust now. Register.
Please join us to receive this important Activation to receive the entire transmission.
The angels want as many people as possible to receive it. Share this invitation with friends!
I would love to hear how you benefit from this angel message.
With love,
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