TEN Actions of the Seraphim


Angel of Gifts from Angel Love Cards

When I first received the curriculum for The Angel Ministry, I was overwhelmed with the depth of wisdom and information that flowed in very quickly.

Then I worked with the material and wow! It opened up the gateways to profound inner experiences of connection and healing.

Somewhere along the way, I received the message that it was the Seraphim who were the “Sponsors” of The Angel Ministry, guiding us and calling us Home to these deep experiences of Oneness.

The angel on the Gifts card from Angel Love Cards is a Seraphim. During one period of art history, Seraphim were depicted with six wings. You can see the two overhead, one on each side, and two at the feet in this powerful painting by James Tissot.

The Angel of Gifts comes bearing the gifts of awareness and resources when we are ready to hear.

After I’d taught The Angel Ministry a few years, it was time to further define and publish some of that amazing curriculum. My publisher, Ja-lene Clark, convinced me to open up the treasure vault and publish part in a book that everyone could benefit from. I spent a week in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Ja-lene as we re-visioned, clarified and received even more amazingness from the Seraphim.

That brings us to my gift to you today, The TEN Actions of the Seraphim! These ten actions came through at Ja-lene’s house when we asked a question. I don’t remember the question, but wow, the response knocked our socks off!

Meditate daily on these actions, put them into practice in your life, and watch the miracles fly!

TEN Actions of the Seraphim 

1. Love God and put God first. When you love God, you are connecting directly with the Source of Divine Love.

2. Love yourself as God loves you. Care for yourself with loving devotion, as your Beloved would care for you, so that you are healthy, balanced, and centered in your true Being.

3. Love others as you love yourself. Respect others who are different than you by listening to their perspective with an open heart. You will be known by how you love others. Associate with others who are up lifting.

4. Be in truth. Strive for awareness. You are a powerful creator. Take responsibility for your creations so you can create consciously from love.

5. Be grateful for everything. Use every feeling, thought and experience in life as an opportunity to heal and become more present in your true Being.

6. Be at peace. Daily through prayer, meditation and contemplation, use the energy in your desire, confusion, pain and fear to move into a state of profound connection and deep peace.

7. Be open and receptive. Listen to guidance daily. In a state of humility, truth and peace, and a connection with the Divine, be open to receive the guidance, resources, miracles and gifts that Spirit is wanting to pour into you.

8. Take action. When you receive clear guidance, take action at the soonest possible moment so that you are co-creating with Spirit.

9. Give as you receive. Be in the flow of Spirit. Open to receive miracles, resources, love and then freely share as you receive.

10. Be in devotional service. Discover why you are important in each moment and how you will serve from a pure heart with no expectations so you can be an Angel on Call. You are needed to bless, heal, love, counsel, comfort, nurture, tithe, and co-create

I’d love to hear how you benefit from these powerful actions. Reply to this email and tell me your story!

With love,


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