How to Pray to Get Responses



kimberly190x2852People often tell me, “I pray and pray and pray and don’t get any answers!” I feel the pain in this place. I was there myself until the angels taught me to pray.

Here is one of those lessons from the angels on How to Pray so You Receive Responses.

We want you to remember that we are here, Always.
We are here to provide love, guidance, awareness, everything you need each moment.
Just stop and listen. 

Ask and you shall receive.
Pray believing.

These two teachings from The Master are so simple that they are often overlooked!
They are the formula for success.

Ask and you shall receive.
Pray believing.

Yes – they challenge misconception and illusion directly.
You must overcome confusion, unworthiness, fear, limitations and forgetfulness to Ask.
Then you must overcome them again to Receive.

How can you do this?
By Believing.

How can you believe?
By finding the place in yourself that is beyond the influence of the illusory self,
The Temple of Soul.

From a conscious connection to soul – to truth, to divine vision – you experience the truth.
You believe because you know.
You have unshakable faith.13-grace250x348

Ask for what you know to be true in the spiritual realm from personal experience – Pray Believing – and it shall be given to you because it already exists in Spirit.
It shall then manifest in the material realm.

This is what it means to command authority.
Through your connection with soul – with your eternal Self – you have authority to speak truth – to command truth to manifest.

From the soul, there is no fear, unworthiness, confusion or doubt. 
They do not exist in the presence of truth.
There is only peace, love, union.

Command authority over your earthly self.
Command that it serve the eternal Self.
This is communion.
The union of spirit and flesh.

Come into union.
Commune with soul – with truth – with purpose.

See the purpose – experience it – taste it – know it.
Then ASK BELIEVING it is so because you are experiencing it.
Open to receive the physical manifestation.

Ask and you shall receive.
Pray believing.
And so it is.

We are with you always.
When you are still and listen, we can guide you into The Temple of soul,
Into eternal union.

We are with you always. 


I pray that this message moves you as deeply as it does me in prayer.

With Angel Love and Blessings,







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