Message from Love Angels

Balancing Meditation


Thank you everyone in Kelowna! I had a fabulous experience of love and connection with you.
When I got home, I brought a little cold with me as a souvenir. It reminded me to slow down. To rest. To love myself and my wonderful husband Dana. He got it too. 
I’m feeling much better today and have left brain fog land. Thank God! 
I had my first meditation this week and it was yummy. I used all of the wonderful tools from the Archangel ~ Healing Activation Protocol, plus all of Evelyn Mulders’ Sound Essences healing protocol. What a beautiful experience of peace, love, and wonderfulness! 
I feel open, connected, joyful, and receptive. I love this feeling. 
I asked the angels what they want you to know.
This is their powerful invitation to You!
You are loved.
You are the Love!
Breathe into your heart.
Can you feel the love in the air?
Can you feel love caressing your skin?
Can you feel love circulating in the oxygen in your body?
Can you sense the space between the molecules of your body vibrating in love?
This is the truth.
There is only love.
We are with you every moment of eternity, embracing you with love.
You are the Love.
How can you BE the Love in the world today?
Quiety, in private, silently radiating the love that is a powerful presence in your heart?
Actively through your speech and actions with others?
Be mindful of your words, thoughts and actions.
Make them a living expression of love.
What would love say?
What would love do?
Be Love.
With love,
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