Message from Fortunata



As I was preparing to teach Working with Angels, I asked the angels to fill me with the energy and wisdom that the people who would participate in the class needed.

This message is from the angel Fortunata to YOU!

We are here.
Yes we are ~ we are here, we are here, we are here!
Receive our loving support, guidance, healing, resources ~ everything~!

We have so much we want to give you!
Your beliefs stand in the way, closing the door to the flow of prosperity, abundance and joy.
We are here!

When you doubt, the door closes.
When you don’t believe you are worthy, the door closes.
When you forget to ask for assistance, the door closes.

Open the door~!

Try an experiment.
What if you allowed us to really help you?
What could happen?
Is it possible that you could heal your body?
Is it possible that you could release old beliefs about your self that are not true?
Is it possible that you could receive the specific guidance you need to take your next steps on your soul path?
Is it possible that money could show up to support your expansion of your soul calling and life purpose?
Is it possible that your soul visions could manifest?


All things are possible with Spirit that seem impossible.

How could your life be different if you could open your heart, body, emotions and mind to the infinite resources of Spirit?

Try an experiment this week.

Each morning ask for specifically what you want and need.
Connect with us angels.
Really connect to receive the blessings we have for you.
Go about your day, LOOKING FOR EVIDENCE of Intervention and co-creation with us.

Make a note. 
Take a picture.
Tell a friend.

In the evening, review your evidence with gratitude.
Go to sleep with a prayer of loving devotion and thanksgiving.

The next morning, do it again!
Watch how rapidly your life improves when you actively engage and co-create with us! 

We are here.
We are with you always.
Receive us fully!

With love,

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