Angels are ALIVE!

Angel of Joy from Angel Blessings Cards

Angels are real Beings who are here with us always. As we awaken in consciousness, our relationship with angels deepens. The real juice is being in direct connection with angels.

Not long ago, angels were viewed a conceptual and “out there” somewhere. When I first became interested in angels in the 1970’s, I could only read about them in books. That was all that was available!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Judith Larkin Reno was that teacher for me. She taught me how to channel angels in my body, inviting the vibratory frequency of specific angels to re-inform my DNA.Angel of Gifts from Angel Love Cards

This was the beginning of The American Angel Tradition.

By communing with angels in a state of complete immersion, you experience the angel personally. You receive a molecular transplant of the qualities of that angel, opening access to your true Being and the Source. For those precious moments, you are the living Divine. This is Participatory Divinity.

Here’s the best part. It’s easy and natural! Angel readings are the simplest way to begin this profound connection. Then you let go of the mind and what you think you know to invite a personal experience of Unity with your angels.

Angel of Devotion from Angel Love CardsWe all have a team of angels. Our Guardian Angel is the manager. S/he knows our Divine Plan and life purpose. The other angels on our team come and go as needed to help us release old misconceptions as we heal past pain, to realize greater truth as we experience Divinity, and to manifest our soul calling in the world.

I was very happy to be interviewed by Mia Saenz for BellaMia Magazine in the month of December.
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