Message from the Angel of Grace


The angels would love to connect with you personally, dear reader. On your behalf, I asked the question:

13-grace250x348“How can we embrace more joy and celebration during the holy days when there can be so much pain and stress?”

The Ananchel, angel of Grace was the first to respond. Ananchel is a gentle angel who whispers love in your ear, and infuses you with Grace. Grace is an experience of Divine Love.

Close your eyes and breathe with Ananchel as she whispers this message into your ear.

“We are here. We love you deeply. Breathe into your heart. I stand beside you with my arms wrapped around your heart in love. Can you sense me?

“Shake off who you are not and be filled with the Grace of who you are.

“You are a precious Child of Light. You are loved and loving. Joy is your true nature. Angel of Joy from Angel Blessings CardsArchangel Ramaela hold the flower of Joy to your heart, infusing you with the highest quality of your soul, eternal joy. 

“Breathe in Joy. Let Joy infuse every cell of your being, awakening this living presence of Joy within you!

“Take our hands and let us lift you into the highest vibrations of Love where it is easy to Forgive yourself and others. Stamera hold you tenderly, helping you to let go of old stories and pain so you can embrace the Joy of oneness. Can you feel it?

“Celebrate the goodness of life with us. Celebrate your family and friends, your home, your work, fur friends, challenges and opportunities, celebrate everything as a blessing of goodness.Stamera, Angel of Forgiveness from Angel Blessings Cards

“We are with you always.”


This is an excerpt from BellaMia Magazine, December issue. Click here to read the full article!

With love,



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