Searching for Answers

I received a great question: “How do I get the answers I need from the angels?”

Many of you ask the same question.


I experience Prayer as the asking. We pray to talk to God. It’s a conversation with God and the angels. We share our heprayer-lgarts and souls. We ask for what we need. It’s as if you are talking to your most trusted friend, your confidant, sharing what is happening in your life. We pray about what is troubling us. We share the deepest desires of our heart and soul with the Divine, asking for the help we need in life.


Many people ask, but they don’t know we also also need to listen to receive the response. Meditation to me, is the receiving or listening. There are many different forms of meditation that we can use to help us through difficult challenges and moments of celebration in life.

Contemplation is another form of being receptive. In contemplation, we think deeply about something. It might be an important verse from scripture. Or it might be a specific question that you need an answer to.

Searching for Answers

I use the term “listening” and being receptive in a much broader sense. Listening is more than just hearing something with our ears. Listening involves your whole Being. Each of us has a unique way we interact with Spirit. For some of you just beginning on the path, a wonderful exploration lies ahead of you as you learn how you interact with Spirit. That is, how you “hear” or receive.

Others of you have quite a strong connection already and are expanding that connection. We are always in a state of expansion. So no matter what the state of our connection with Spirit, it is always growing and strengthening and deepening. It’s always in a state of change.

What does that have to do with connecting with angels? Everything.Archangel Metatron from Angel Blessings

Responses seldom come neatly wrapped up the way we want and often slip by unrecognized. Spirit is far more resourceful and imaginative than we are. Be attentive so you can recognize responses that are outside of your expectations. Be open to divine timing. Once you begin to recognize the ways of Spirit, you’ll be amazed. The moment you recognize a response, say YES! Receive it fully. Take it in and be changed by it. And when responses come as actions, do them at the soonest possible moment.

A Surprising Response

Here is an example of a surprising response to prayer. I was feeling overwhelmed and agitated. I didn’t like the feelings and was stomping around angrily. It occurred to me to get over myself and look deeper into what I was experiencing.

I sat down in meditation and reluctantly tolerated the feelings of agitation. The moment I stopped trying to escape the discomfort, something shifted. I realized that feeling overwhelmed and agitated were symptoms that angels were flooding me with more energy than my mind and nervous system could tolerate without understanding.

At the time, I was working on an enormous project and didn’t know what to do next. I had been praying for help, and this was the response! The increased energy forced an expansion in my consciousness that was sorely needed. Shifting my focus with gratitude and willingness, the agitation transformed into insight. I received the next piece of the project. With a chuckle, I named it “angel induced agitation.”

Energy surges15-vision

Energy surges are one way that angels provide what is needed. Ride with Galgaliel, the angel of Vibration, on waves of energy for a change in perspective that will provide ideas and inspiration. Once you learn to recognize the flow, you are in business.

Intuitive Knowing

You may receive intuitive knowing, meaning you suddenly know something you didn’t know before. You may get an idea to call a friend and in so doing, Metatron the angel of Thought has lifted you into divine intelligence. Inner vision gets activated providing mental pictures for you to follow as Paschar, the angel of Vision joins your guiding team of angels.

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