Feast on Divine Love

Give yourself the gift of meditation.angelbeauty
Make it a priority receiving the best of you, not the leftovers.
Meditation is a banquet of Divine Love where you can feast on the many forms and flavors of Divinity.
We wait for you.
When will you come Home?
We are calling Home through meditation.
Open your heart to receive The Presence of Divine Love.
Love is the solution to every challenge in life.
Go within now.
Don’t wait another moment.
Receive the pleasure and blessing of Love.

— the angel of Love


Do it now! Just a few minutes is all you need.

Put on some music that draws you inward.
Close your eyes, and breathe.
Put your hands over your heart and notice how it is opening.
Now, invite the angels to hold you in love.
Ask the question you need help with, then listen for a response.
If you have angel cards, draw one.
Write in your journal.
Allow the angels to write through you!
You can do it.
We’re working on how to connect and receive messages from you angels in Boston on September 19 at the Divine Miracles Retreat! Are you in the area? Join us! Click here to register. http://www.angeloflightministry.com/Miracle-Retreat-2015.html
Do it now to be entered into a special drawing for private sessions and some great stuff.
I’m doing private angel readings, too! A rare treat. Ask Cathi when you call about the Retreat. She’s booking my sessions.
With love,




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