Empowered Partnerships

Close your eyes and take a breathe.


That is what the angels are always telling me. Now, take a moment to focus on what you really need help with right this moment. Be concise. Be clear. Ask for exactly what you need.

In this place of clarity,3-CardBacks pick a card – 1, 2 or 3:


Which did you pick?



1. Sandalphon is the Seraphim of Power. When you stand in your true Being, you are empowered and authorized to call in everything you need. People, resources, jobs, food, a home, a car, deeper spiritual connection, financial stability and abundance, everything. You asked for what you need, you are empowered to receive it. Instantly!

“Thank you Sandalphon for bringing me back to my true Power of Love,
Abundance, Clarity, Wisdom and Choice.”

2. Stamera is the Golden Light Angel of Forgiveness. Stamera invites you to forgive all that is past. Release your debts – those are your old beliefs about yourself and life of “never having enough.” Release your financial debts that bridged the gap. It’s time! Stamera is inviting you to forgive yourself and your past. In forgiveness, the pipeline to the ocean of abundance flows to you today to pay up – to Forgive your debts – both financial and karmic that you’ve accumulated as a method of binding you to the old belief that you are never enough, there is never enough of anything.

There is enough!
There is lavish excess – overflowing and spilling over, just waiting to flow to me!

I AM open to the pipeline of abundance
unlimited money flowing into my bank account in excess of what I need
accumulating savings
supplying the funding I need to fulfill my soul calling and life purpose!

3. Soqued Hozi, the Heart Angel of Partnership. Empowered, forgiven and open to infinite abundance of Love, Peace, Joy, Connection and Money, Soqed Hozi brings the people who are ready for partnership to co-create your soul calling and life purpose. Life partners, business partners, friends and community, inspirational partners, everyone you need to feel connected, alive and in the flow of co-creation with Spirit and your soul family.

Together we share and expand the flow of infinite abundance for us all.
No one left out.

No one on the outside of the circle of giving and receiving. 

Did you figure it out? They are all for you! Angels always work together in powerful teams to guide us where we need to go.

Thank you for this powerful, tender support today!
I accept

I receive
I am grateful
I expand into the pipeline of infinite abundance!
Money flows to me easily and unceasingly.
The money pipeline deposits into MY bank account! 

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With much love,


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