May Angel Prayers with Cathleen O’Connor and Lisa Clayton

How many times in your life have you wished you had just the right prayer for the moment?

Rev. Dr. Cathleen O’Connor and Elizabeth Harper followed angel guidance to be sure we do have just the right prayer for everything in the new book, 365 Days of Angel  Prayers.
I am honored to have contributed stories and prayers for the spring to this amazing book. So were 160 other angel experts!
You’ll be inspired hearing Cathleen tell the story of working with 160 contributing angel experts. She had the prayers laid out all over her floor. And the angels guided them into just the right positions. You won’t want to miss a few of Cathleen’s prayers, too.
Rev. Lisa Clayton contributed her story to May. As a child, Lisa had her first clear experience of angel support in a pasture on the family dairy farm. You’ll want to hear how that angel support and guided and prospered Lisa through the many changes of life.
Click here to order your copy of 365 Days of Angel Prayers! Get it in paperback or Kindle form.
You’ll love the angel prayer meditations to the music from “Awakening” by Aleya Dao and Barry Goldstein.
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