Christopher Dilts on the Soul of Success

The Soul of Success – Angelic Guidance to Tune Up your Wealth, Abundance, Love and Health

Christopher guides us through an angelic meditation process using breath to shift our energy fields and connect with pure golden light of grace and the ruby red energy of refreshment in our hearts
You’ll want to hear Christopher talk about how important it is for us to embody our gifts. As we center in our soul purpose, we open to receive our divine support. This helps us to be at peace, and in turn, brings peace to our world.
There IS a divine plan for each of us. Christopher explains how we can use angelic invocation – that means simply talking to angels – to ask questions and receive answers. Sometimes though, answers come outside of what we are expecting. The angels help us to widen our gaze to see the bigger picture.
Our three callers were fabulous. Diane asked what to do when you feel blocked? Katrina needed help finding direction. And Randy asked about healing trauma to become a part of the world again.
To learn more about Christopher Dilts, visit  He has a free gift for you there!
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