Angels of Compassion during Huge Change

Need celestial support? 

My husband and I had some big challenges this weekend as we confronted old beliefs and issues with amazing love. I’ve never before broken through such deep pain so lightly and with the love we share. I am astonished at the deep issues that surface for release and love when we need to make big decisions like where to live. 
Are you in the midst of huge, life changing decisions too? 
Our angels’ love for us is beyond imagining. Eternal love is deep and powerful. We CAN break free of old beliefs about ourselves and life with their gentle, compassionate guidance and love. 
You’ll want to hear the angel message of Compassion. 
Our callers were wonderful as always. 
MaryAnn was first with a potent question about wanting consistence finances. Uzziel, the angel of Faith brought unclarity about the importance of faith and awareness of what we have faith in. 
Linda asked about a huge leap she is making as she decides to move. Archangel Micahel, and angels of  Music and Illumination comforted Linda that she is making excellent choices.
 Shannon asked about her son and received Forgiveness and comfort. 
And Christopher Dilts joined us with some great questions about asking for angel help and The Angel Ministry. Christpher led us in a closing prayer that was really lovely. 
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