Divine Embrace of Compassion

I asked the angels, “What do you want us to know about how to recognize your compassionate embrace and guidance when we confront old issues, beliefs, and pain?”

24-fortitudeThis is the profound message I received. It was meant personally for you, too:

We are here Blessed One.
We hold you in love Always.
Especially when it seems like we are far away and you are all alone.
The truth is that we are the closest to you in the dark moments.
We hold you in love.
We shine the light on the old pain and misconceptions.
The light and love shock the dark places within.
They recoil in pain and embarrassment.
They try to hide in the darkness, festering.

The light is shining into the darkness to reveal what is hidden.
Love is our compassionate touch, holding you through the discomfort of awakening these fearful parts of Self.

Like waking up a foot that has gone to sleep because you sat on it too long.
It tingles and burns.
Feels like pins poking you.
Then the circulation is restored.
Your foot relaxes and all is well.
Same thing.

When the dark places are revealed, they are yearning to be restored to wholeness in your full Being.
The misconception itself is tired of being locked away, all alone and yearns to be reconnected with your heart, with love, with the flow of pleasure and truth.

With joy!

Watch for these healing opportunities.
When something feels bad, when it seems you’ve done something wrong, when you feel alone, confused, alienated, shout with joy!
These are all symptoms of Home Coming.
Use these opportunities well.

Call us into your open heart and life for we are here waiting for your invitation.
Open your heart to our loving embrace and we will hold you.
We will guide you.
We will illuminate you.
We are here.

Open your heart to experience our compassion and joy.
For we are here with you – Always.

Your angels.


Angel of Fortitude from Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith and Grace

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