Big Change

Are you going through Big
Changes in life? I am! My husband and I are traveling the Pacific North West
here in the United States and we are on an emotional roller coaster as we try
to decide where to live.

On the one hand, it’s
exciting and wonderful traveling around and exploring places we’ve never been.
On the other hand, we are going through massive inner movement as we confront
deep fear and beliefs about ourselves, who we are, what we are worthy of, and
what we really want and need going forward in our life together.

Do these questions sound

Our topic is “Big Change in
to elevate your spirit and inspire your heartfelt angel connections. A
connection once made with angels will last lifetimes!

You’ll want a paper and pen
or something to take notes with as we move through our adventure with angels
today so get it now while I tell you what’s coming up. 

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