Angel Compassion

So many people I know are struggling through difficult situations so we focused on an aspect of angel guidance that we don’t often hear about. This one is deeper than finding feathers or hearing messages in songs.

While those are sweet ways to connect with angels, when we are in darker states, when life is challenging, how can we recognize the Presence of our angels?
I’ve been feeling their compassionate embrace and loving guidance through my emotions and through the flow of my life. I asked the angels “What do you want us to know about how to recognize your compassionate embrace and guidance as we confront old issues, beliefs and pain?”
You’ll want to hear the angel message I received and the comforting meditation that followed. Our two guests courageously shared the challenges they are facing, helping us to find this deeper place of loving comfort within.
Then we finished with a reading from Angel Love Cards on the angel of Compassion that couldn’t have been more perfect.
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Thank you for sharing our angel experiences. I appreciate you.
With love,
Kimberly Marooney
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