Seeing Feathers?

featherDo you see feathers everywhere?

The top way angels connect with us is through feathers. From a spiritual perspective, feather are symbolic of the flight of angels. Artists have added wings to human forms since the cave paintings to represent sacred beings or angels. Wings have feathers, making them a powerful symbol of divine intervention.

Seeing a feather is a sign that your angel is by your side, bringing all the help you need.

GemmaArtertonGemma Arterton, the Bond Girl from Quantum of Solace, has said in the past that she ‘has feathers which follow her everywhere’. 

Do you see feathers on the ground when you are out walking? In clouds in the sky? Or feathers on stationary, on fabric, and in jewelry are calling your attention to the presence of angels. Acknowledging this presence allows you to connect energetically. When you become conscious of the experience, “Oh My God! My Angel is Here!” That’s an infusion of joy. That’s an angel blessing.

Seeing a feather is a blessing of Oneness with the Presence. A blessing of Love.

Feathers are a sign of grace as love as the angels connect with you in blessing. You can be a blessing to others by sharing the holiness that has infused you. Be your angel’s helper and pass the blessing of the feather along to someone else.

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