Resistance and Epiphanies

Guardian Angel from Angel Blessings CardsI love epiphanies. They are a sudden striking realization.

I had one this morning, driving to the Angel Blessings Center. In a sudden flash of insight, I could see how the pieces of my puzzle fit together. My puzzle is huge. It combines pieces of my deepest soul desires with the pieces for my needs of life.

In this epiphany, I could see how my resistance has prevented me from clearing seeing how to take action with my soul calling. My resistance is fear of being seen. Fear of rejection. Not feeling capable of the massive calling that God, the angels and spirit have for me. Fear of success, and fear of failure. Fear of being too loved! So many fears! These fears create a powerful force of resistance that keeps me in a dull, foggy, dumbed -down state.

This resistance dulls my mind so I can’t figure out new, complex programs that I need to use to get my precious body of work to you. I’m brilliant! Without this underlying resistance, I could figure out in a few hours what I’ve been stuck on for a year! That’s what I realized this morning in that sudden flash of knowing. Beyond that, I could see how to apply the pieces of my work to make them accessible.

I have over 300 brilliant classes, meditations, prayers, courses, interviews, prayer circles, manifestation circles, and other bits of wisdom locked up in my treasure vault. For the last year, I’ve been trying to learn a new program that would allow me to make available these treasures to those who so desperately need them.

As a result of this epiphany, I feel on fire! Alive, excited, enthusiastic. I’ve been feeling frustrated and dead. That is why my heart is crying for the Activate Your BE-Attitudes 7-week course. Because I need this energy too! Well I just got a big Activation Blast! That is what happens when you take a step forward toward Spirit. The energy comes back intensified many times over the action you take. That is why when I opened this course, I’m not the only one getting activated. Everyone who signs up opens their heart, mind, body, spirit and life to mass infusions of energy from spirit, activating us. Lighting a fire under our feet. Igniting our souls into brilliant action.

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I want to hear from you. Are you getting activated just reading this?

With love,


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