New Year Angel of Joy

The energy of the New Year is pouring in with Healing, Joy, Blessings, Love, Resources, everything we need!

At this time of year, powerful energy flows in to bless us and prepare us for the opportunities of the coming year. 
When we recognize and welcome these energies, we can ride them into amazing experiences of grace, love, abundance, healing, everything we need. 
And when we are not aware of this blessed spiritual energy closing in, it causes us to feel agitated, alone, fearful, disconnected and hopeless. This happens because our souls are yearning for the deeper connection of love and guidance this energy brings. 
2015 is an 8 year. Eight carries the energy of Self Love, prosperity, and abundance. Archangel Ramaela, the angel of Joy is our global angel of the year. I couldn’t be more pleased to finally be in global joy energy! 
Listen in as we connect with Ramaela and the powerful joy energy that is flowing in to bless us and guide us this coming year with miracles and the benedictions of Spirit. 
This profound opening meditation is followed by angel blessings for five callers. With each blessing, I could feel myself receiving the benedictions of love. You want this, too!
I’d love to hear how you benefit from this experience with our angels.
With love, Kimberly
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