We are the Blessing to the World

Don’t you love it when a song plays that has the perfect message in the moment? 

That happened this morning as I was driving to work. Drive time is a powerful opportunity for inspiration and epiphanies. Karen Drucker is one of my favorite musicians. Her song, “We are the Blessing” came on and the words pierced my heart with importance. “I am the hands, I am the heart, I am the voice of Spirit on Earth. And all I am, and all I do is a Blessing to the World.” The second verse is “You are the hands….” and the third verse is “We are the hands….”

This was particularly important this morning because I’ve been following the news in Paris with the mass murder over cartoons! I’ve been listening to the perspective of people who agree with that kind of thinking to try to understand it a bit. This is a very disturbing trend to me.

The reminder that WE ARE A BLESSING TO THE WORLD was very powerful. We have the choice of being the hands, heart and voice of love and kindness, or of hatred and violence. You are a Love Angel in the world, sharing the blessing of love.


Listen to Karen’s song for inspiration.

A smile, a kind word, an act of generosity, forgiveness, it is easy to be the voice of love and the hands of caring. Watch for opportunities and take action.

With love,


P.S. To open your heart to be a greater blessing in the world, join me as the angels Activate Our BE-Attitudes. We start January 22.

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