Opening the Door to Miracles

Every time I talked to a friend of mine, she regaled me with stories about the miracles that were happening in her life.

Here are a few examples. Sweeping the kitchen floor one day she thought, “I need a new broom.” Later that day, she opened the pantry and saw a new broom! She asked her husband, “Where did that broom come from?” He said that a someone had just given it to him. She hadn’t said a word.

Another time, she looked in her pantry and made a mental shopping list of dog food, peanut butter… Later that day, her mother came for a visit and said, “I was cleaning out my pantry and found a few things I don’t need. Would you like them?” Ani when to the car and saw dog food, peanut butter….

As I listened to her tell these stories day after day, I felt jealous and angry. Then something snapped. A door opened. The thought occurred to me, “I could receive miracles, too! I have received miracles before. What happened?”

I realized that my feelings of jealousy and anger were trying to get may attention to heal a place within me that felt unworthy.

I asked Hamied the Angel of Miracles for help. This is what he said:

Ask and you shall receive.

Stop. Breathe. Relax.

Stop rushing around and calm.

Sit in a comfortable position.

Breathe deep, gentle breaths.


Stop trying to do or accomplish or figure out.




After a few minutes, turn attention within.

What is the deepest desire of your soul?

Ask and open to receive the response to that desire.

In truth, you are connected to the flow of divine miracles and supply.

Breathe that in.

Feel the truth of it.

Ask for what you want and need.

Then open to receive an immediate response.

The secret is in knowing what to ask for!

And how to ask.

Your soul knows.

Listen to the deepest desires of your soul.

Ask and receive.

You are in the flow of miracles!

Give it a try! Follow the directions with your full heart and soul. See what happens.

Once I asked, I received! Miracles flowed and gushed and washed away the old patterns of unworthiness. We are truly connected!

Try it out.

With love, Kimberly

P.S. Join me in Norwell, MA for a Miracle Retreat Sept. 23 – 24. Call Rev. Cathi Burke for info and to sign up at 1-781-871-1740

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