The Blessing of Discouragement

Like many of you, I have to move out of my house. My husband and I have put an enormous amount of time and energy into finding a new home. Yesterday we looked at a place that I had invested all of my hopes in. It wasn’t it. So I felt discouraged.

I could feel a part of myself making up a fantasy about what this place was like from the pictures. That part of myself latched onto my fantasy and made the decision, “I want to live here” before we saw it. I could feel this part of me didn’t care about the facts or reality. It just wanted it to be easy.

When we looked at the house, there was nothing easy about it. In fact, it would be a challenge to live there in many ways. In addition, it was rather ratty inside. Yet this part of me was trying desperately to “imagine” how it could work.

Thankfully, my husband didn’t have this same program running. He saw the place for what it was and helped me to snap out of it and come to my senses. The rest of the day, I experienced a deep discouragement.

Some people try to avoid that discouragement. Like Tinkerbell, they try to get us to focus on a “happy thought.” Discouragement can be a powerful force for change when used well. I used the feeling of discouragement to energize my prayer and asked God to help me let go of misconceptions. Searching within, I found more trust. I dreamed that God came to me personally to comfort and guide me. This morning I woke up renewed and refocused.

Looking at other times in my life, this same program of making up my mind regardless of the facts was responsible for some of the worst and most costly decisions I’ve made.

The angel of gratitude is smiling on me. I am grateful for the awareness to make better choices. I am grateful for my loving husband. I am grateful that angels are guiding us always. I am grateful to be in the embrace of eternal love. I am grateful for the many resources and opportunities that are available.

How about you? What is your situation? What are you grateful for? How has discouragement helped you to find a deeper trust with Spirit?

With love, Kimberly

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