Guardian Angels

“We are all under the watchful gaze of guardian beings. When yearning for spiritual growth and service becomes the predominant there in your life, a specific Guardian Angel is attracted and assigned to you. As your soul’s spiritual mother, she holds the blueprint of your perfection and knows how you can best evolve. She is concerned with the subtleties of building the inner connection to your higher consciousness and watches over the balance between chakras or energy centers of your body.

“Your guardian protects you and brings messages of inspiration. As you battle between your lower and higher aspects, she offers revelations and incentive toward voluntary change. She cannot alter your personal will, but is permitted to influence you with new interests and friends who may help you through troublesome or unwise behaviors. She stays with you much longer than any other angel, and is dedicated to strengthening and encouraging you on your path.”

Your Guardian Angel invites you to connect today. Trust your inner guidance on how to do this. It can be simple! You can do it.

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I’d love to hear how this message about your Guardian Angel benefits you. Tell me your story.

I love you,

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