Angel of Hope

I hope you are enjoying these daily messages from Angel Blessings.

Today’s is from Phanuel, the Angel of Hope. This message isn’t for everyone. It is a powerful message of hope for those who are facing great difficulties in life.

“Do you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world? Is there a heaviness and lethargy about you? Call to Phanuel to empower you with hope for this journey through darkness. Call to God to send healing Light into the parts of you that are barely alive and shrouded in fear. If you face a daily struggle to stay alive, whether due to illness, poverty or the threat of other people, it is vital to your survival. As you accept the loathsome parts of yourself and fill them with healing and love, your life will change in reflection. Illness will heal, better job opportunities will appear, people who have threatened you will leave, the world will become a less dangerous place.”

I pray that this message of hope benefits you.

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