Feeling Tired?

As energy flows in response to our prayers, our physical bodies react. Spiritual energy flows through our nervous systems. When more energy is present than we are used to, we can experience some different symptoms. Tiredness is one of those symptoms.

Tips for moving through tiredness with grace:

1. Get more sleep than you usually need. During sleep, our subconscious integrates experiences and energy. Our brain actually re-organizes our memories and thoughts, like doing a disc clean-up or defragmenting a hard drive. Also during sleep, our conscious mind is out of the way so our Being can have greater spiritual movement without our mind trying to “figure it out.” The body can need extra sleep after a big infusion of energy to allow the cells to rebuild in a new configuration of health.

2. Move gently. Put on gentle, sensual music and allow your body to sway, move and flow with the music. Let the music dance your body, don’t dance from your mind. Your body knows how to heal itself and open it’s energy. Trust your body to move, heal, open and energize itself.

3. Walk. Get out in fresh air and sunshine if possible. Breathe deeply. Move gently. Be refreshed and renewed.

4. Rest! Lie down and rest. Be comfortable and warm. Hang out with a pet or a loved one. Children, dogs and cats are great teachers on how to nap.

5. Be creative. Creativity opens the flow of energy. Paint, craft, draw, knit, crochet, sew, sculpt, throw pottery, make jewelry, bead, make stained glass, build, design, what inspires you? Make a collage vision board for 2011! Open to receive the flow of creativity from your soul and Spirit.

6. Play dress up! Sometimes we feel tired because our soul is board with the way we live and it wants us to try something new and experiment. Change your hair. Try new makeup. I saw a picture of Johnny Depp with eye liner. Get a pedicure. Try this: While you are in the shower, close your eyes and feel your inner presence. Is it soft and flowy? Strong and angular? Sensual? Peaceful? Powerful? Joyful? How can your clothes, hair, make up and shoes demonstrate outwardly your inner feeling? Put clothes and shoes together in different combinations that you would normally wear. Be creative and inventive.

Let me know how these suggestions work for you. Kimberly@KimberlyMarooney.com

With love, Kimberly

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