Expansive Energy for 2011

Last week, I was a guest on Good Vibrations Radio with hosts Solarzar and Kyralani. We did a fabulous program of readings, joined by Karla who was incredible.

Kyralani gave us her numerological outlook for the year 2011 and I was so excited about it that I’m offering an Angel Prayer Circle on Monday, January 10 at noon Pacific Time to call in more of the new energy.

Praying in preparation for this Sacred Gathering, the angels let me know that they are calling together the Children of Light – that is us – to exponentially multiply resources!

The energy coming in for 2011 right now is about limitless possibility and potential. Between now and January 20th, all the planets are direct astrologically. This is a very rare occurrence giving us an open door to RECEIVE GIFTS of SPIRIT.

We will let go of where we hold back to open the flood gates for miracles and magic to manifest in our lives EVERY DAY! With our hearts, minds, and hands open, we are ready to receive. This is our birthright as Children of Light.

Join us to open our hearts to receive our soul’s calling for 2011. As we gather in larger numbers, the energy multiplies exponentially for a potent experience. Don’t miss it!

Click here to receive the call information:

I look forward to connecting with you in the Sacred Circle of Prayer.

I love you,

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