Turn Persistent Thoughts into Prayer

Are you suffering from persistent negative thoughts? Turn these thoughts to prayer.

If you keep asking yourself, “Why can’t I let go of this?” each time you catch yourself in that thought, pray, “Spirit, God, help me to let go of this.” Use the name for Spirit that most resonates with your heart.

From “I feel stupid and make bad decisions,” pray, “Guardian Angel, please help me to connect with divine intelligence so I can make accurate choices.”

Instead of “I feel frustrated that nothing changes,” pray, “Lord, give me the courage to make the changes you are showing me.”

You may go through periods where a worried thought returns every two seconds. Negative thoughts will be the most intense right before a breakthrough. Each time you respond to a negative thought with a prayer, that is a success. If another negative thought follows your prayer, call on your guardian angel’s assistance with more desire.

Don’t be discouraged or give up. Your determination to succeed will eventually triumph, and worry will no longer be able to capture you.

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