Resurrection of Spiritual Destiny

April is about soul connection and life purpose. Several months ago, this energy of resurrecting soul purpose started building and gaining intensity. The resurrection energy peaked around Easter and is still a strong force affecting us more deeply than we might realize.

Archangel Gabriel announces the major duties of our spiritual destiny at the calling of our souls. The angel of resurrection, his is the voice of God and the bringer of good news. It was Gabriel who appeared to Mary to awaken the remembrance of her mission as Jesus’ mother. Gabriel who watched over the prophet Mohamed and inspired Joan of Arc. Gabriel influenced Zoroaster.

When you are ready, your soul calls to Gabriel to come and announce the spiritual duties of your destiny. Sometimes this comes in a dramatic experience of blazing glory like I had when I received the calling to co-creation Angel Blessings Cards with the angels. And sometimes it comes in more subtle ways that are difficult to discern.

To resurrect something is to bring it to life. Think of nature. In the fall some trees lose their leaves. By winter, the trees look dead. Then in the spring the leaves bud. New life flows through and they come back to life. So it is in our natural cycle. Parts of our lives wither away and die clearing the way for soul qualities to awaken in our consciousness. Resurrection is the rebirthing of our eternal qualities as the parts of the ego that we no longer need die away. What is it in you that is calling to be brought to life?

Thwarted Purpose

Kathleen asked, “What happens when you have a strong desire as a child to follow a certain path, like being a dancer, and then as an adult, all the doors seem to close? I felt strongly led for the first forty years of my life. Now looking back, it doesn’t seem like there was much of a divine plan at all. I feel so lost. I gave so much of life and now I’m having trouble finding the energy, inspiration and joy to forge a new path, especially without a specific goal or vision.”

Like Kathleen, I grew up feeling a strong calling to music. I became quite an accomplished concert flutist. I gave my whole life to it. Just as I started my professional career, my hand developed pain that was so bad I had to stop playing. I was devastated. It was a huge shock. I was left lost.

I had the thought, “If I can’t do what my soul is calling me to do, I might as well just make money.” So I became a financial planner. After fifteen challenging years, my soul decided that was enough of that. Devastating illness came along to help me make a change I was unwilling to make any other way. And thank God for it. My true spiritual destiny was resurrected from the wreckage.

Signposts for Change

Looking back, my love of music is an important quality of my soul. Once I left the financial arena, music was instrumental in my healing experiences with God. Music is a part of everything I do now helping me to stay connected with my soul and with God. For Kathleen, the gift of dance and movement is probably a quality of her soul that is guiding her to a new form of expression that is way beyond anything she could have imagined.

Circumstances in life are guiding us in the direction we need to go, but that guidance is difficult to recognize. The parts of life that we like the least are actually guiding us to our soul destiny. With endeavor, discernment, and persistence, we can discover where these signposts are leading us.

The angels help us along the way if we ask. The angels fortify us to tolerate the withering death of our most cherished dreams. This is where the miracles and magnificence begin. In the surrender, our souls can lead us to our true spiritual destiny and a more amazing and fulfilling life than we ever could have imagined. How are you being called? What are your deepest soul desires? What do you know of your spiritual destiny?

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