Receive Sustenance

One of the most difficult things to do when I am challenged is to Receive. I’ve witnessed this in many others as well. We simply aren’t able to receive what is coming to us. We are so fixated on the problem that we can’t see, receive, appreciate, or assimilate what we have and what is coming to us.

Try an experiment. I know there is a lot of talk about gratitude. Experiment with taking it beyond talk and into action. Stop. Take time to fully receive what you have and use.

I’m writing a new book and am focused on The Essenes, a group who lived around the time of Jesus along the banks of the Dead Sea in Palestine and Lake Mareotis in Egypt. The Essenes were healthier and more powerful healers than anyone else because they spent a great deal of their time focused on connecting and receiving. At dawn, noon and in the evening, they communed with the “forces” or “angels” of nature and the cosmos, opening their bodies, minds and spirits to assimilate the energy and essence of everything in life.

Start your experiment with the food you eat. Start with healthful food, the fresher, the better. As you prepare your meal, take a little extra time to make it as delicious, visually appealing, and satisfying as possible.

Enter a state of reverence as you prepare your meal. Eat in a beautiful, peaceful place. I like to eat on my deck with the sun shining on my face, a symphony of birds singing, fresh air and the beauty of my garden. Or eat at your table. Clear everything off and wash the table so it is clean and appealing. Add a candle, flowers or a plant, a rock or crystal or something that helps you to feel at peace, relaxed, and open to receive. Set the table beautifully. Play comforting, relaxing music in the background that helps you to go deeply within.

Don’t multitask! Don’t have a conversation, this is a special exercise. Invite your family or friends to join you in this experiment. Talk before or after. Don’t read, or make notes, or think about y0ur challenges, or make a list of what you are supposed to do and how you will do it, or listen to talk radio, or watch TV, or, you get the point. Consecrate this meal time to receiving sustenance from your food, no matter what it is.

Before you begin, pray. Let your prayer come from the depths of your in gratitude that you have food to eat. Be grateful to the source of the food. From your feelings and your soul, thank the animals and plants that it came from. Thank the hands that harvested, transported, cleaned, cooked, packaged and in any way helped to prepare this food for you to eat.

Give your total focus to eating. As you take each bite, taste it! Chew it. Don’t swallow it down as fast as you can. Enjoy each bite. Put your fork down between bites. Close your eyes. Focus on the pleasure of eating. Imagine your body easily digesting each bite. Send love to your stomach. Vision your body assimilating the nutrients from the food. Feel your body receiving sustenance.

Allow a healthful sense of wellbeing to emerge as you feel yourself being strengthened and sustained by the nourishment. Receive everything you can from this food including the combined strength of the soil of the earth that grew the feed for the animal or the plant itself. Receive sustenance from the water, the rain, the streams. The air. The sunshine. The clouds. The birds. The minerals in the soil. The people. From spirit. From life. From love.

Experience your body, your mind and your spirit absorbing life force in joy and gratitude.

After you have finished your meal, clean up in reverence to complete the experience being grateful for clean water, soap, your dishwasher or dish towel. Electricity, heat, and a home. Be grateful for everything you are wearing, touching, and using in this moment.

Now, transfer this experience of receiving sustenance to the demands of life. Open your mind and being to see new solutions and act upon them. Open your heart to forgive, let go and find resolution. Open your life to leave behind old ways to being stuck and closed and to recognize the opportunities, the people, the energy from spirit, and the help that is coming to you in every form.

Receive sustenance from everything.

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