At a Crossroads of Destiny

Many of us are at a crossroad in our lives. Theresa expressed it best, “I’m at a crossroads to go back to the work I was doing or go in faith to start a new life and know that all will be provided. I feel if I go back to the old job, I will be swallowed up. My soul says to move on. How can I find the faith in this moment to walk away and know that I will be taken care of in every way?”

Working into my new life, I had to have tremendous faith and I sacrificed quite a lot. There was a time a few years ago when I did have to go back into a corporate job. That was very difficult and challenging for me. At the same time, it was a powerful learning experience. Everything that happens can become a fabulous growing and evolving process, but we do need to know when to move on.

Do you it’s time to make a big change but are hesitating? Theresa said, “I live more in touch with the Divine and have had a tremendous shift yet my family cannot understand that I see life from a different point of view. They go back to memories and I want to go forward. I want to serve the higher good. When and what do I need to know to move on?”

That’s the dilemma. We come to the place within us where it becomes clear that it is time to move on, but we still cling to the old job, the old marriage, the old life because the way forward has not fully revealed itself.

I had trouble letting go. I lingered in relationships and jobs way beyond the point when it became clear it was time to leave. It was only by staying too long that I learned to recognize the inner promptings to change. It was through unpleasant experiences that I learned how to trust and receive the guidance that was being given to me.

This may seem dark and scary, but to give you encouragement, as I learned to recognize the guidance and signs that were coming to me, as I learned to have the courage to say “yes” regardless of what it looked like, the most remarkable things have happened. We suffer when we cling to the past. When I had the courage to say yes to The Angel Ministry, all of sudden my life turned around in ways I never could have imagined. The more I have the courage to say yes to the guidance I receive, the more incredible, wonderful and loving my life becomes.

Are you at a crossroads? I encourage you to listen to that inner voice of guidance and your soul’s deepest calling. Trust and say “yes” with discernment and wisdom. That is an important key!

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