The Angel Ministry Class Complete

We just completed our last class of the six-month Angel Ministry Ordination Program. Every day, every class of this six months, the angels have blessed us beyond imagining with love, clarity, healing, truth, compassion, determination, unity, joy, prosperity, generosity, and so many more gifts. I wish I had been able to share more with you along the way. This journey has been such a fruitful one.

The angels have pushed me to a level of productivity that I’ve been praying for. And sadly, my communion with you got left in the dust as I had to make difficult choices to accomplish this productivity. Soon I will be sharing more about what has been birthed.

Twenty of the most amazing women are emerging from The Angel Ministry. They are now standing in the strength and compassion of their deepest soul calling with God. In just a few weeks, I will be uniting with the Seraphim to Ordain them as Angel Ministers ready to serve God and the angels in their own unique ways.

I wanted to share with you the prayer that closed our last class as we enter this month of preparation to step into the Sacred Presence of the Most high to receive the gifts of service. I invite you to use the sacred energy of this month in your own preparation to unite with Spirit, the angels and God in your own unique way.

If you feel so called, please kneel as you read this prayer. It is for you, too!

Lord, Father, Mother, Angels, bestow upon these your servants your blessing of the Sevenfold Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Imbue us with the power to speak Divine Truth in the service to Thee in the ministry of the divine Word. Grant us the riches of heavenly wisdom, and guidance of divine love, that we may live in your Presence and in fellowship with our human kind. Strengthen our faith. Confirm our courage. Deepen our joy in work for Thee renewing our hearts. On our lips, place the glad tidings of eternal love. In our hearts, guide us ever deeper into the rewards of forgiveness and compassion. May our endeavors bear the fruit of everlasting life and lead us to full assurance that you have guided and blessed us for this Ministry of Light.

May the blessing of God rest upon you and the Holy Spirit fill your heart.
And so it is.

With love,

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