Mighty Angelic Decision Team

I was just reviewing the new edition of Angel Blessings Cards for my publisher and came across this prayer. It was so helpful to me when I was feeling challenged that I wanted to share it with you:

Archangel Michael,
Hold me within your mighty tube of light protecting me from fear.
Hadraniel, angel of Love,
Guide my heart to make choices from my deepest soul calling to Love.
Metatron, never leave me!
Shield me from the influence of illusion and
guide me to think from divine intelligence.
Amitiel, Angel of Truth,
Help me to recognize the feeling of truth as I make choices.
I choose to align my life with my soul’s deepest calling.
Angels you are my mighty Decision Team.
Guide me with truth and love to divinely inspired action.
So it is!

Your team of angels is with you always. Call on them often for loving guidance.

With love,

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