Angel Blessings Cards Blessing by Dr. Barbara Rose

Angel Blessings Cards are being reborn. One of the projects I completed over the last few months was a revision of the book for Angel Blessings Cards. You may have noticed Angel Blessings has been out of print for over a year. My publisher agreed to produce a new edition for next Christmas.

My dearest friend Dr. Barbara Rose agreed to write the Foreward. It is so beautiful, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you now. Barbara’s words call forth the presence of love. I invite you to step into this presence of Spirit and Love as you read these words and receive their blessing:

The Angels love is upon us. Steadfastly working at every moment to assure our divinity, protection; bring us solace, guidance and direction. Knowing only the love of God, our Creator, our Angels shower us with blessings from on High, and when you receive communication from your Angels, your heart will feel a surge of love. You will know your heart has just experienced the everlasting presence of our Angels.

Dr. Kimberly Marooney has brought through a book that carries within it the highest order of our Angels. Their everlasting impression is unmistakable. It is this same essence and presence that I experienced upon having my first contact with Kimberly. All I felt was love. All I experienced was a pure heart, with the only intention to make a lasting positive difference for us all.

The messages in this sacred book will uplift you, not just for the moment, but forever. Once our paradigm has been transformed by the grace of our Angels, it is changed forever. Our divine heritage as children of God, all connected equally to our Angels, all given assurance that we shall be forever guided and protected brings our Angels the greatest joy; to make a positive, pure and lasting difference in our lives.

There is never a moment that we are without them. They are our lifeline, and have been for eternity as much as they always will be.

Asking your Angels for guidance is identical to asking God for guidance. The perfect beauty of our Angels has never been tainted on earth, because their presence is eternally with our Creator in Heaven. At the same time, they whisk through space, traveling at the speed of thought to connect us with our heart’s desires.

This is the message that you will find throughout the spellbinding, perfect, luminous text throughout this book. It is filled with love. The messages contained within will soothe your heart, and quench your thirst for guidance and direction if you ever feel lost. Our Angels will always guide you back home, empowering you with your own connection to them that is your birthright.

The energy of pure Angelic guidance is to experience the heart of your soul. We have all experienced that oneness, even if it is a faded memory of the love we may be seeking in our lives. The Divine quench of thirst from difficult times on earth is eternally quenched by our Angels love for us all.

In this book you have found a treasure. Every word resonates with pure love. It will hold you, uplift you and sustain you. When you write letters to our Angels asking for guidance, be prepared to experience eternity in one moment. You will only experience love, and you will always be reminded of your own Divine heritage; being born from love.

I guide you with my heart to experience the everlasting presence of the Angels in this precious book. May your life be guided every moment, and may you turn and ask for guidance any time you need it. Your Angels hear your call as closely as you hear your breath. Use your free will to request their assistance in every matter in your life, for that is the only way they can assist; they need our request and permission.

Our journey here on earth is suddenly seemingly effortless. The Angels lift our burdens by uplifting our consciousness even while we sleep.

I pray you will always remember to call on our Angels, and in case you forget, you have this most beautiful book to remind you and re-connect you so you can be guided forevermore.

Barbara Rose, PhD

I’d love hear how you are blessed by these words.
With love, Kimberly

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